Industrial Designer with a focus on social interaction



ZooMor is an interactive sleeping object for playful experiences in the pretend play for children. ZooMor was designed to research the effect of an animal like objects on the open play of children. It focuses around the goal of altering ZooMor in such a way that the level of sadism in a child's interaction with ZooMor can be influenced or even eliminated.


ZooMor was autonomous and woke up or fell asleep due to the interaction with the children. When ZooMor was stroked he would slowly fall asleep. But when he was shaken, he stayed awake or woke up from his sleep. ZooMor also fell asleep when there was no interaction for a longer period of time.


ZooMor is originally designed by Daniel van Paesschen, but has been made autonomous by me and I took the initial research on pretend play further.

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