Industrial Designer with a focus on social interaction



ijo is an upside down herb planter that asks for water in an intuitive way. The pot lowers the plant needs water and when the plant has enough water it ascends to a level where the user is not able to reach the pot anymore to give water, to prevent over watering.


ijo was developed after researching the behavior of employees in offices where 'Het Nieuwe Werken' or Activity Based Working is introduced. As employees do not work at the same spot anymore everyday, employees get detached from their environment. ijo offers a way to care again, about the plants but also about the environment. Caring for the plants rewards the employees since the plants they grow are fresh herbs for herbal tea.


ijo can be placed in different context as well, such as the kitchen with herbs for cooking or a lobby with plants for fresh air.


ijo is was displayed on the Dutch Design Week 2014 in Eindhoven. For the DDW ijo has been redesigned as seen in the left top photo, the pots have been 3D printed.



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