Industrial Designer with a focus on social interaction

Who am I?


My name is Enitia Karijodinomo, 26 years, and born and raised in the Netherlands by my Surinamese parents.


With a background in Industrial Design I mainly focus on the social and user side of products and services. For me, the why and the how is the most important question. Why would somebody need this? How are you going to communicate this to the users? How is it going to help communities?


I am enthusiastic and love to work in a team. I am someone who takes initiative when the team does not know what the next step is, while always maintaining a good atmosphere.











I find it important to start with the user and explore and investigate the possibilities. I enjoy making simple things, both digitally, analog and edible. Next to that, I love to explore new things and can get a lot of satisfaction of making small electronic things (that are self-made) work.


I am a team player and I believe in the strength of having different disciplines and skills in one group. Sharing and communicating with others motivate and inspire me. I am always full of energy and my strength is also to motivate others. I am able to connect and frame approaches from different disciplines and subjects into my process.


Throughout my design process I always reflect back upon the results to evaluate and adjust the idea where needed, towards a final design or solution.


Contact me: info@enitia.nl // +316 2542 6774